A social experiment: An extension for Facebook messenger

2018 @Springbok UX/UI Design

During my time at Springbok, I worked on various conversational user products and services that tackled real problems. We didn't create bots for the sake of novelty but as a response to our client's persona's journey. We spotted areas where technology could help users make their days better. The following case comes from one of those discoveries. 

The team:
UX/UI Designer
AI Expert


2 weeks from conception to delivery of PoC 

My Role:
UX/UI Designer through discovery to PoC design (wireframes and prototyping)
The challenge:
Our client was Proximus, the largest of three major telecommunications companies in Belgium, with almost half the country's population as customers. We had successfully created other bots in the past months, they showed CTR improving an increase in new pack sales y 122%, so they wanted to try another approach to boost the brand value as we did with their sales. They wanted to:
• Re-connect with Millenials 
• Escape the telco space and focus on community functionalities 
We analyzed their primary persona's journey to discover how Proximus can be a positive supporter in their user's life, apart from their internet services. 

The solution
We decided to focus on a few standout moments in the user's day: A desire to be close to their loved ones. Social media came up as the common component in those moments, so the strategic team was determined to find the right combination of technology and social media.
They drafted the idea of a Planner bot integration in Facebook, where users could use the new Group messenger features to launch an integration that would help the plan a gathering. We could now start building a case for the prototype.
My tasks were to:
• Define user flows based on the mapping exercises that were easy, collaborative, and fun
• Create features that reduce the friction found in the tools they are using today
• Investigate the feasibility of those features inside Facebook• Showcase the results with a prototype we could use for testing
The solution: First round of wireframes using Facebook's Messenger Platform Design Kit

First, I proposed a scenario: 
A group of friends wants to meet up for dinner. They all use Facebook, and the idea pops up during one group chat. They need to decide a time, date, and place... and quickly! so the idea doesn't get postponed again. They manage to do that using Proximus planner, a Facebook integration that allows groups to pick, vote and arrange a date, all in one place. They finally agree and will meet soon. One of them can't go, but he will make it up to the rest." 
These are the main stories I wanted to cover with the prototype:

1. Agreeing on a date and place
As a user, I want to plan a gathering with friends that includes everyone's opinion for date and place so that we can all pick what suits us best without omitting any voice.
Solution: Voting feature
Date, time and place will be voted. The plan creator will recommend a schedule, and the rest of the invitees can vote for it, decline or propose changes.

2. Researching a venue
As a user, I want to suggest a great venue without doing complicated searchs online and share it with friends in an orderly way so that they can give their opinions.
Solution: A venue integration
We will require the users to add some filters for their venue search (city, type of food...) and offer the results with social proof in the conversation.

3. "That" sad feeling: 
It's common that one or more attendees won't be able to make it. How can we turn that feeling around?
Solution: A game
If a user declines a meeting, we will offer them to play a game. The result of the game will be a gift to their friends at the next meet-up.

Below are the first mockups of the primary flows with some the customer's look and feel. Unfortunately I can't show you the final prototype, but it was very well received and we kept improving with edge cases, copy and custom images. 

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