I'm Sofia Florencia Toso, an Argentinian designer living in Antwerp, Belgium. I have a degree in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires and have studied multimedia design and web development as well. 
I can't really fit into a design job description, you know, one of those so hot right now. I prefer designer. Short and sweet. I use my skills in graphic design and combine that with the digital experience I gathered through all these years and try to create solutions that are useful, usable and beautiful, whatever the medium. Oh, and if I can do that with typography, even better.
More about my experience? check my Linkedin
What am I up to now:
I'm currently the Design Lead at Frontastic, an awesome remote-first startup focusing on Frontend as-a-service. I'm also freelancing at Toptal and doing lettering, calligraphy and illustration work when it feels right. Lastly, I try to keep my passion for teaching alive mentoring starting designers.
Some extras about me:
I speak Spanish and English, and I’m fighting to get Dutch right. I also enjoy travelling (that's what brought me, my husband and cat to Europe). 
I love sci-fi everything: books, films, videogames... also cooking pastries, and yes, more designing in my spare time.​​​​​​​
Thanks for stopping by.
Sof (my friends call me that, you can too)

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