πŸ“ Argentinian born, Antwerp based (soon to be Barcelona)
🌎 Multicultural designer with 8+ years of experience designing for digital in companies from South America to the US and Europe
πŸ”§ Working experience both as a team of one designer and a specialist in multidisciplinary teams
πŸ—Ί 2+ years of working remotely and counting
🧩 Experience in the eCommerce, marketing, and social media industries spanning from conception to delivery and maintenance of all kinds of digital products 

Learn more about my experience, studies, and the like in myΒ LinkedIn.

What I value
Kindness and care above all
I thrive in environments that encourage caring about people (teammates and users), over processes. Kindness, empathy, and generosity are the values I look for and try to practice the most.

Learning and empowering others
In making a product, we learn and teach others even if we don't realize it. I enjoy that process and am aware of the impact my opinions and ideas have. I seek collaboration and different views and thrive in open environments full of constructive feedback, gratefulness, and trust.Β 

Curiosity and creativity with a purpose
I believe in the power of listening, testing, and listening again. In checking our assumptions and biases while being open to being wrong just as much as to being correct. I still face every project the same way I did when I was just starting, eyes wide open, ready to ask questions, collaborate and co-create.

Form and function
I'm confident that pure function is not enough to improve human lives. We are emotional beings that connect with our products and services beyond what they allow us to do (or do for us), and that's what makes each one of us unique. I want to design for that spark and connection and avoid situations where shipping fast means compromises these values.

Some extras about me
β€’ I love typography and design history. I taught Typography as a teaching assistant for a couple of years at the University of Buenos Aires. I had so much fun doing it and still miss it! I try to keep my passion for teaching alive by coaching starting designers.
β€’ I love traveling and enjoy the perks of remote work. That's one reason why my husband, cat, and I moved to Europe almost four years ago.
β€’ In my spare time, I enjoy sci-fi everything: books, films, videogames... also cooking (and eating) pastries.

Thanks for stopping by! Here's my email if you'd like to chat about cats, design, black holes or if you have a cool project that can use a designer: sofiatoso@gmail.com

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