From small startups to products and services used around the globe, I've had the chance to design with a vision I uncovered through successes and failures: usability can't make products thrive without beauty.

Here are some quick facts about me:

📍 Argentinian born, Antwerp based (soon to be in sunny Barcelona 🌊)
🌎 Multicultural designer with 8+ years of experience in companies from South America, to the US and Europe
🔧 Working experience both as a team of one designer and a specialist in agile teams
🗺 2+ years of product oriented remote work and counting
🧩 Experience in the eCommerce, marketing, and social media industries spanning from conception to delivery and maintenance of all kinds of digital products 

More about my experience, studies and the like in my LinkedIn.

What am I up to now
I'm currently UX and Design Lead at Frontastic, an awesome remote-first SaaS startup. I promote the value of user-centric design and focus on improving Frontastic's experience: we have a web application that allows business users to combine API data sources with visual components and create websites super easily. I partner with product managers, engineers, and marketers to make that happen.

I'm currently working on:

• Editor experience: Improving our web app everyday so building, managing and publishing outstanding customer experiences is as intuitive as possible.
• Developer experience: Learning about their journey and solving friction points in our application and tooling
• Frontastic Design System: Together with developers, we've created a growing system with proven results for consistency, faster delivery, and more usable pattern implementation
I'm also freelancing at Toptal and doing lettering, and illustration work when it feels right (check the passion projects section)

Some extras about me
• I love typography and design history. I taught Typography as a teaching assistance for a couple years at the University of Buenos Aires. I had so much fun doing that, and I learned a lot. I try to keep my passion for teaching alive by coaching starting designers.
• I enjoy travelling and am quite comfortable with the working nomad lifestyle (that's what brought me, my husband and cat to Europe in the first place).
• I love sci-fi everything: books, films, videogames... also cooking and eating pastries, and more designing in my spare time. 
Thanks for stopping by! Here's my email if you'd like to chat about cats, design, black holes or if you have a cool project that can use a designer:

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